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  • Poolhouse dishes

    The Launch of Poolhouse at Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur

    Grand Hyatt launched their latest culinary offering, Poolhouse, on 9th May with a vibrant event. A creative collaboration between the hotel’s Executive Chef, Grzegorz Odolak and celebrity chef Daniel Green, Poolhouse successfully merges health-conscious dining with culinary excellence. We were invited to display our live lettuce racks and table microgreens as a dine-in feature for …

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  • Easy Peasy Pizza

    Easy Peasy Pizza

    Ingredients   1 ready-made thin pizza crust (We used Mission) 3 tablespoons Tomato Marinara 100g thinly sliced ham 5 Glow Cherry Tomatoes, halved 1/2 small red onion, thinly sliced 1 handful shredded mozzarella cheese 50g feta cheese (we used marinated feta with olives) 6 – 10 Rocket leaves  3 – 5 Sweet Basil leaves Directions …

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  • Pumpkin & Rocket Salad

    Pumpkin & Rocket Salad

    Roasted Japanese pumpkin with deliciously nutty rocket leaves, tossed with zesty lemon dressing. A scrumptious appetiser that will keep you  going back for more. Ingredients   1/4 Japanese pumpkin, sliced into 2cm wedges 5 tablespoons olive oil 1 teaspoon chilli flakes 3 tablespoons lemon juice 1 bunch of Rocket leaves 1 handful toasted cashew nuts …

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  • Crisp Kale Chip

    Crisp Kale Chips

    A vegan-friendly snack that’s just as easy to make as it is to enjoy. Contains less sodium, fat, and calories than potato chips. Ingredients   Makes one small bowl of kale chips. 80g Curly Kale 1 tablespoon olive oil Salt to taste Directions   Toss Curly Kale with olive oil and sea salt. Make sure …

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  • Prawn & Kale Salad

    Prawn & Kale Salad

    Hearty kale salad with a prawny, Asian twist. Makes a satiating, low-calorie meal. Ingredients   Makes 2 – 3 servings. Salad 1 bunch of Curly Kale, chopped 1 cup cooked edamame 1 large carrot, shredded 1/2 red bell pepper, diced 1/2 yellow bell pepper, diced 2 cups shredded red cabbage 1 handful Coriander leaves   …

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  • Potato & Kale Hash

    Potato & Kale Hash

    Crisped sweet potatoes with kale, topped with sunny side-up eggs. It’s a wholesome and filling meal to kickstart your day! Ingredients   Makes 3 – 4 servings. 1 purple sweet potato, cut to bite size 1 orange sweet potato, cut to bite size 1 medium white onion, diced 2 – 3 tablespoons of coconut oil 1 …

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  • Tomato Avocado Toast

    Tomato Avocado Toasts by Kanchana Jayaseelan

    These quick, open-faced sandwiches are perfect for any time of the day. Ingredients   2 sourdough bread slices, toasted 1 avocado, mashed 1 egg, boiled and sliced 1 Big Heart Tomato, sliced 2 Glow Cherry Tomatoes, sliced 4 – 5 Sweet Basil leaves, finely chopped 1 small bunch of chives, finely chopped ⅓ tbsp lemon …

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  • Butter Rice with Prawns

    Rice Cooker Butter Rice with Prawns by Joan

    Make this fragrant, buttery rice dish your go-to meal when you’re a little tight on time or budget. Ingredients   Butter Rice   3 cups basmathi rice (or any rice of your choice) 2 tbsp butter 3 long beans, chopped ¼ carrot, chopped ¼ red capsicum, chopped ¼ green capsicum, chopped ½ yellow onion, chopped …

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  • Eminence Five Eggs

    On Our Pantry: Eminence Five

    If you’ve cracked a chicken egg by Eminence Five you’ll find orange yolks with a rich flavour. These healthy eggs are produced by healthy chickens that roam a farm situated in Ipoh, speckled with trees and lined with a river. Founders Kok Yuen and Maurice left their banking careers in search of a food source …

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  • Universal Bakehouse

    On Our Pantry: Universal Bakehouse

    “Trends fade over time, but people will always come back to the things they are familiar with.” Universal Bakehouse opened its doors in October 2019. Their location, previously helmed by a 40-year old laundromat that serviced the bakery’s sister restaurant, Table & Apron, was about to be vacant as the owners were retiring. Hearing this, …

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  • Cultiveat flash flood

    5 Effects From The Flood We Did Not See Coming

    While the floods are no longer dominating the news, they are still affecting people. Ever wondered what happens after something as big as a flood? We share our personal experience as we continue to recover from the disaster.

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  • Beef Tacos with Salsa

    Beef Taco by Nas

    A fuss-free recipe made with simple and fresh ingredients that are packed with flavour and perfect for any meal. The fresh salsa on the side is so refreshing and can be enjoyed in many ways. Ingredients  This recipe makes 5 tacos. Steak 250g of ribeye steak (or any cut of choice) 2 tbsp oil, for …

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  • Gado-Gado Warm Salad

    Gado-Gado Warm Salad by the Chong Cousins

    This hearty and fun salad is perfect for those who are nuts about Cultiveat vegetables. Ingredients   This recipe makes 1 serving of salad. Sauce 3 tbsp pure peanut butter 2 tbsp toasted peanuts, chopped 2 cloves garlic, grated 1 tbsp coconut milk (santan) 1 tsp chilli paste or blended dried chilli, to taste 1 …

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  • Rice Burger Chicken Katsu

    Chicken Katsu Rice Burger by Joan

    I was intrigued by the rice burger I had in a Japanese hamburger chain many years ago. Since my son likes rice and my daughter likes burgers, I thought this was a perfect combo to prepare for them. The kids love it and it’s definitely going to be in the family menu permanently! Rice Buns …

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  • Egg Quiche

    Puff Pastry Quiche by Euodia

    If you are looking for a hassle-free, wholesome, and complete meal, this Puff Pastry Quiche is a show stopper. Light puff pastry crust filled with smoky bacon, vegetables, and melty mozzarella, stirred into soft and creamy egg custard. Serve hot or cold for a tasty and portable treat. Ingredients This recipe makes an 8-inch quiche. …

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  • Good day or bad day

    Good day or bad day? You decide.

    We get to decide the kind of day we have. Woke up in a hurry? Had conflict at work? Don’t write the day off. Good food, a good attitude, and quality time with loved ones can turn the worst days around. Have a brilliant day!

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  • Operations Executive Cultiveat

    Cultiveat People: Caspar, Operations Executive

    If you’ve received one of our brown bags with neatly packed produce, or a bouquet of our origami-wrapped, plastic-free packaging, then you would have encountered the handiwork of Caspar, Operations Executive. He is the man behind all your orders, in charge of ensuring that all items reach you in their best conditions. Who else inspects …

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  • Good eating habits

    Starting the year with good eating habits

    Holidays are great for enjoying good food with great company, but now that we’re returning to routine, it’s a good time to reflect on our eating habits. Check out these tips on how you can kick-start the year with good eating habits! Making a healthy meal at home can be really easy and affordable. Order …

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  • Safe houseparty

    How to have a safe house party?

    If a stay-home celebration is part of your holiday plans, these tips will help keep you and your loved ones safe while you have a merry time together!

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  • Keep prices constant

    Keeping prices constant, no matter the season

    The recent price hike on veggies has been shocking, but not surprising as bad weather, rising costs, and opportunistic festive season pricing are commonplace. Cultiveat farms were set up to be weather-proof and our plants, non-reliant on things like fertilisers and pesticides. Going direct to consumers at home, restaurants, and retail also means we can …

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  • Cultiveat tomato toast

    3-Step Tomato Toast

    Back to office? Use this 3-step toast recipe for a quick and satisfying breakfast : 1. Lightly toast a slice of Seeded Sourdough until golden brown. 2. Spread Apple Basil Mint Dressing on the toasted bread. 3. Top with Rose Cherry Tomatoes, and garnish with fresh leaves or herbs of your choice. All ingredients are …

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  • Cultiveat Farmer Nazira

    Cultiveat People: Nazira, Farm Assistant

    Nazira’s journey as a farmer started at home, “I grow chili, brinjal, and just yesterday, I bought some kangkung seeds for my mini farm! Kangkung belacan, I love it!”, says our cheery farm assistant, with unmistakable glee. “I started growing pandan and curry leaves first, cause my mom used to buy them at pasar, but …

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  • Benefit of vitamin A

    What to eat for Vitamin A? Think of traffic light!

    Not sure which foods are packed with vitamin A? Think of traffic light! Aside from animal-based sources like eggs, fatty fish, and milk, you can also get vitamin A from red, yellow, and green leafy vegetables. These #vegan sources are rich in beta-carotene, which is converted into vitamin A that’s great for your overall health. Here are …

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  • Brand X vs Cultiveat

    How long to wash your veggies?

    It takes only 5 minutes to get our lettuce from bag to bowl. 🥬 No pestcide residue or harmful chemicals.🥬 No soil, sand, or bugs.🥬 Fresh from farm – they were collected just moments ago! Enjoy tastier (and quicker) salads. Order lettuce, tomatoes, fresh herbs, and other produce on our online market. 

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  • Vitamin C needs

    Are you getting enough Vitamin C?

    The best vitamin C supplement? Food! Did you know? For every 1000mg vitamin C pill consumed, our body only absorbs about 200mg. While this still covers our daily requirement of the nutrient, a balanced diet would do the same – and more – as nutritious foods contain other beneficial vitamins and minerals! Here are the …

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  • Pesticides

    The Harmful Effects of Pesticides

    Pesticides were created to benefit us, by keeping harmful pests and bacteria away from our crops, thereby improving food quality, food security, and quality of life. When used in moderation, and in accordance to legal limits, pesticides do more good than harm. However, the increased demands for food and production has seen excessive, illegal, or …

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  • Reuse paper bags

    Got paper bags? Reuse them!

    What if we told you that our brown paper bags can be more than just packaging? Here’s how you can reuse them! #zerowaste

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  • Cultiveat account executive

    Cultiveat People: Mia, Account Executive

    “Farmers pick the vegetables; people buy them in pasar. Those were the only things I knew about agriculture. Now I know, it’s way beyond that.” Meet Mia, Cultiveat’s Account Executive who manages billings, accounts, and…our lunch. As often as you’ll hear her asking, “Do you have the receipt for this?”, you’ll also hear her posing …

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  • Cultiveat driver

    Cultiveat People: Mr. Goh, Driver

    Have you met Mr. Goh? You might have seen this friendly uncle delivering your veggies. He’s one of our most regular drivers, having delivered over 1000 Cultiveat orders since last year. In his heyday, Mr. Goh owned multiple businesses, and a Rolex watch. But with regret, he tells us that he traded them all – …

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  • Takeaways during Covid-19

    5 Tips To Get Takeaways Safely

    “Isn’t it safer to order food deliveries?”, you may ask. The answer: Probably, but someone makes the trip anyway, you or a delivery personnel. Opting for the occasional takeaway can really help small or traditional food vendors who are either not listed on delivery platforms, or are struggling to keep afloat. Ordering directly helps them …

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  • Support small businesses

    How can we help small businesses?

    We tend to think that businesses are made up of signboards, important documents, and people in power suits. While we recognise our vulnerability as individuals who are threatened by the pandemic, we think of businesses as impenetrable – they, and their signboards are made of steel. But that is not the case. There are many …

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  • TASK Cultiveat

    Food for the underprivileged by The Assembly Soup Kitchen (TASK)

    Suet Beng, a working mother of a 7-year old and twin 4-year olds is the founder of The Assembly Soup Kitchen (TASK). We call her at the start of our Wednesday, and she takes the call from her car, seemingly already in the middle of hers. “Really, thank you so much for your veggies. They …

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  • No pesticides, no pests

    Keeping pests away without pesticides

    How do we keep pests away without pesticides? Here’s how! Make the healthy, sustainable choice. Get pesticide-free veggies delivered to your doorstep.

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  • Agritech farmers

    Protecting the farmers with agritech

    As much as we’re devoted to growing good food for you, our farming system was designed to provide a safe and pleasant working environment for the farmers. Here’s how it makes a difference.

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  • Postharvest losses

    Minimising post-harvest losses

    That’s about 1.3 billion tonnes of food wasted – about the weight of over 300 million lorries – annually! A huge contributor of this wastage is post-harvest loss: produce that are discarded due to deterioration of colour, texture, flavour, and nutritive value arising from inappropriate handling, transportation, storage and more. Cultiveat minimises post-harvest losses via: …

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  • Cultiveat Mother Earth Day 2021

    Restoring Mother Earth through sustainable farming

    It’s International Mother Earth Day! This year’s theme, Restore Our Earth calls for a sustainable economy to slow down ecosystem degradation, including biodiversity loss, extreme heat, and increased pollution. Here’s how Cultiveat addresses environmental issues through our technology.

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  • Cultiveat non-refrigerated truck

    No refrigerated vans, less carbon emissions

    The reliance on a cold supply chain for food is a major contributor to climate change: 40% of the global greenhouse effect is caused by emissions from food transport vehicles, i.e. gas emission from engines and refrigerant leakage. Refrigerated vans generate 15% higher carbon dioxide and 18% higher nitrogen oxide than standard vehicles which are …

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  • Cook veggies or not

    Veggies: To cook or not to cook?

    Were we eating broccoli the wrong way the whole time?  Experts say that cooking broccoli lowers its vitamin C levels. However, raw cruciferous veggies like broccoli can make you bloat. So the best way to eat the veggie is to lightly steam it, thereby retaining its nutrients and preventing stomach discomfort. The rule of thumb …

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  • 3 years of Cultiveat

    A look back at 3 years of Cultiveat

    A note from our CEO: “We are so proud to be marking our 3rd anniversary, especially in light of this unprecedented global health crisis. While it’s not the best time for a celebration, it is still important for us to reflect on the past, and more importantly, focus on the future. Cultiveat was born with …

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  • John-Ian Oei

    Cultiveat People: John-Ian Oei, Head of Sales and Co-founder

    “When dad passed away, we were kind of on our own: my mom, me, and my brothers. As adults, we’d made it so far together – growing up without him – that we felt the need to succeed together; to start a business that we could all participate in. As the eldest, I felt the …

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  • Plant-driven irrigation system

    World Water Day 2021

    In conjunction with world water day earlier this week, we’re taking the opportunity to talk about the invaluable resource that is clean water! Typical watering methods like sprinklers often result in water loss and wastage. Cultiveat’s watering system saves up to 90% of water by periodically channelling a pre-calculated amount required by each type of …

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  • Endive

    Endive: Bitter? Better.

    Endive, like other bitter-tasting vegetables, is known to work wonders on our digestive system: Improves digestion. Faciliates absorption of nutrients. Promotes gut and overall health by providing prebiotic material. While some might not be fond of the bitter taste, here are some tips to balance the flavour and enjoy this nutritious veggie: Use stronger salad …

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  • Cultiveat 2020

    Counting Our Blessings in 2020

    While we’ve seen our fair share of challenges this year, we have so much to be grateful for. 2020 laid out difficulties that were determined to become pebbles in our path, but we bit down, gathered help from the community, and turned them into stepping stones. Thank you to all our collaborators, partners, vendors, and …

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  • Asher

    Cultiveat People: Asher, Technical & Project Executive

    Asher was first exposed to the world of agriculture through his dad who owns a durian orchard. Even so, he didn’t foresee it for his own career until he received an offer at a university to study the field. Work for Asher at Cultiveat is filled with daily happenings of the unexpected. As part of …

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  • Cultiveat Rumah Hope

    Helping children in Rumah Hope

    Rumah Hope, an almost 26-year old establishment is a sanctuary for children who are abused, neglected, underprivileged; or who come from refugee or Orang Asli families. “For 25 years, we got by fine. We’ve been blessed to receive regular support which helps us run the place, feed the children, and send them to school. We …

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  • 20.11.20Stories

    To Our Heroes at Balai Bomba dan Penyelamat Kapar

    In February, a massive fire broke out at the factory just across our farm. Thick, dark smoke filled the sky, and angry flames licked the air in the matter of minutes. The local fire department sent their firefighters as soon as they could. The community scrambled to lend a helping hand: Some directed traffic for …

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  • Balqis

    Cultiveat People: Balqis, Farm Assistant

    Balqis resides within the community of Kapar, just minutes from the farm. She walked up to the farm one fateful day to apply for a position, and was later hired as a general worker. Due to her quick wits, she has now been promoted to the Farm Assistant position. She provides help around the farm, …

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  • Raw or cooked tomatoes

    Tomatoes: Raw vs. Cooked

    Which is better? It actually depends on what you need: 1. Cooked tomatoes are packed with more lycopene – an antioxidant known to reduce the risk of cancer and heart attacks. 2. Raw tomatoes retain more Vitamin C – an immunity booster, and an essential nutrient for tissue growth and repair. Tomatoes lose 10% of …

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  • Chee Yong

    Cultiveat People: Chee Yong, Technical & Project Head

    What does a technical person do? Anything around the farm that needs doing, really. Chee Yong helped set up both the leafy veggie and tomato farms in Kapar. He also provides technical support for the growing systems while maintaining and repairing things around the farm. Born in Banting, this handyman grew up farming in his …

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  • 24.09.20News

    Congratulations to our CEO for winning the Ikon Agro award!

    “I’m so honoured to have been selected as one of the 10 Ikon Agro of Selangor. The state’s initiative to encourage modern and sustainable farming, especially amongst the younger generation gives me hope that the country is placing importance in food security. My heartfelt appreciation to Dato,’ Menteri Besar, YAB Dato’ Seri Amirudin Shari, YB …

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  • Cultiveat Ahma's Chocie

    The Ahma’s Choice Bundle

    The Ahma’s Choice Bundle was named after CEO John-Hans Oei’s beloved grandma. He shared a special bond with his Ahma – ‘grandmother’ in Chinese – who helped raise him and his brothers after their father passed away at a young age, from a rare illness. Ahma loved her food, both eating and making it for the …

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  • 29.08.20Stories

    Teatime With Special Needs Children at Tasputra Perkim

    It’s teatime. Serenade and mom, Elahe prepare a vibrant platter for the children. They sneak in veggies, nuts, and fruits wherever they can. The children, ages 2 and up spend their days at Tasputra Perkim doing physiotherapy and occupational therapy, besides aquatherapy and hippotherapy (purposeful swimming and horseriding lessons), and more. These children are special, …

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  • 14.08.20Stories

    Featured Eatery: If Only

    “Which is your favourite dish on the menu?” Jean (not pictured), co-founder, and officer of “all things pretty” doesn’t hesitate, “my grandma’s mee hun kueh”. If Only’s kitchen team recreated the beloved recipe with chicken mince. It now has all of the depth of flavour and warmth of nostalgia, but none of the pork. Jean’s …

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  • Cultiveat plant-driven irrigation system

    Does Cultiveat use hydroponic farming?

    There are 3 types of watering systems in farming: misting, recirculating, and non-recirculating. Misting refers to the growing of plants via mist watering (aeroponics), while recirculating – typically used by hydroponics farming – means to continuously recapture and recirculate the water for plants. Cultiveat uses a self-designed, non-recirculating watering method that we call a ‘plant-driven …

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  • Cultiveat Polis Klang Utara

    Farm tour with Polis Daerah Klang Utara

    We were so honoured to host the police force from the local district of Klang Utara today. Every month, the whole squad organises an educational visit to a business within their district, to get to know local businesses better. The squad was pleasantly surprised that such a high tech and hygienic farm existed within their …

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  • 15.07.20News

    What is a live plant?

    A live plant is a plant that is still attached to its life source. In the case of Cultiveat’s leafy greens, they are delivered to you in their cartridges that provide nutrients for them to stay alive. That’s why you’ll see its roots still attached, and why you can let them sit in water outside …

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  • Emi

    Cultiveat People: Emi, Farm Intern

    “My dream is to open a cafe and grow some greens in there. That’s why I chose to do my internship here. I want to learn about farming without soil, and watch the whole process from seed to harvest. I major in Crop Production, Bachelor of Agriculture Science. My senior told me about Cultiveat because …

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  • Grown with love and tech

    Why farm using eco-friendly methods?

    Many people have asked us about how we made the decision to farm using eco-friendly methods. The answer is simpler than you think: It’s the only way to feed a lot of people, and for a long time. Read: sustainable food security. Cultiveat is the first in Malaysia to practice large scale Controlled Environment Farming, …

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  • 27.06.20Stories

    Featured Eatery: Fin

    “When you feed someone, they’re putting their trust into you that the food will nourish them. You’re contributing to someone’s wellness and how they feel. It’s one of the few businesses that can affect someone’s life”. That’s Michelle, the creative head and hands behind Fin, a wholesome food joint in Publika. What started off 5 …

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  • Cultiveat tomato farm

    World Environment Day 2020

    It’s World Environment Day. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ When we started Cultiveat, we thought about bringing veggies back to basics, to their purest form. If the culprit of “modern day” farming is in the mass production that calls for pesticides, harmful chemicals, and additives, how do we grow the types of veggies our grandfathers used to eat? And …

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  • 29.05.20News

    Certified: Food Safety and Traceability (MyFood Tag)

    2018: Iceberg lettuce from some Malaysian farms recalled by Singaporean authorities – high levels of pesticide. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 2017: Cameron Highlands fruits rejected by China – living modified organism (LMO) detected. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 2015: 300 batches of vegetables – mostly leafy greens – and fruits stopped from being sold in Singapore – pesticide residues on samples exceeded …

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  • Cultiveat tomato farm

    First large scale tomato production in lowlands

    Tomatoes, like lettuce, are typically grown in highlands or countries with cooler weathers as they thrive on lower temperatures. So the ones you see on shelves travel from local Highlands or overseas. Our tomatoes grow near YOU, right here in the lowlands. Using climate control measures and energy-efficient cooling systems (no air conditioning!), we’re proud …

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  • 10.05.20Stories

    Featured Eatery: Uokatsu

    “I have a lot of guilt. I worry about not spending enough time with my kids. Last year I told my eldest who’s turning 7 that we’ll be renovating for 2 weeks this year. She’ll have our time, she can do anything she wants. She told me that she wanted to spend the day at …

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  • 01.05.20Stories

    Featured Eatery: Grub

    Before Ahong was the candid chef and restaurateur behind Grub, he was an architect. He quit after 2 years because life in the rat race was draining. He didn’t know then that it would eventually lead him to life in the….beef lane. The idea started small, unlike his serving portions. A little food kiosk at …

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  • Vine-ripened tomatoes

    Why are Cultiveat tomatoes so red?

    Tomatoes, like most fruits, are best when ripe. The tomatoes you typically see come in shades of orange because most of them are harvested pre-ripening. This measure takes into account the travel time from the Highlands as tomatoes continue to ripen even when they are no longer attached to their plants. If tomatoes were allowed …

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  • Share The Meal Campaign

    Sharing Meals With 500 Quarantined Foreign Workers

    Early April, the government imposed an enhanced Movement Control Order on the Selangor Mansion and Malayan Mansion flats after 15 people from the same building were diagnosed with COVID-19. Most of the residents of these flats are foreigners. With the order, the police, Armed Forces, Civil Defence Force and RELA guard the area so that …

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  • 26.04.20Recipes

    Cheese-Baked Tomatoes

    https://cultiveat.co/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Cultiveat-Baked-Tomatoes-with-Cheese.mp4 Here’s an easy and yummy idea for a lunch accompaniment, or even a snack! 🧀🍅 1. Pre-heat oven to 180°C 2. Slice tomatoes into halves. 3. Sprinkle grated cheese onto tomatoes. 4. Add basil, oregano, or any herbs you desire. 5. Leave in oven for 5 – 10 minutes. Watch it to see when …

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  • Good tomatoes

    How to tell good tomatoes from bad tomatoes?

    The calyx (pronounced: kay-licks) is the green bit that looks like leaves and a stem. Tomatoes with high levels of pesticides are sold without calyxes because they have to be removed before being put into an industrial washing machine to rinse off the chemicals. This is to prevent bruising during the wash. Unfortunately, these pesticides …

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  • 06.04.20Stories

    Emergency Contribution for the OKU Community

    We got a call this morning from Ras, founder of OKU Sentral, an organisation that assists and empowers people with disabilities. She asked if we could spare some produce immediately. Before the RMO, OKU Sentral received food supplies and monetary donations from individuals and organisations. Raw ingredients are then distributed to single mothers and food …

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  • Cultiveat cooling system

    Growing veggies with energy-efficient cooling system

    While most modern vertical farms utilise air conditioning to grow cool weather produce like lettuce and tomatoes, we don’t. Air conditioners consume a lot of energy while releasing millions of tons of carbon dioxide. They also trap thousands of times more heat in the atmosphere. Our veggies grow beautifully with the help of our energy-efficient …

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  • Holiday

    Cultiveat People: Holiday, Farm Executive

    “I go through 2 roadblocks to get to work every day since the MCO. I tell the police that I work in agriculture and that I have to get to the farm. They tell me to be careful. I watch and read a lot about the Corona virus but I’m not scared about coming to …

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  • Women's Day 2020

    International Women’s Day 2020

    The mistreatment of women starts small. It’s a talk with the boys about an “overly emotional” girlfriend, a joke amongst co-workers on how it’s the time of the month for a female boss, or a meme of a woman fetching a sandwich. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Jokes meant to make people feel small are like weeds. They start …

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  • Ng

    Cultiveat People: Ng, Head Grower

    This is Ng. People at the farm call him N.G., or Farm Boss. What does he do? “Erm, everything.” “I used to do plant tissue culture. That’s when you take a leaf to grow a plant because some plants don’t have seeds – like bananas and pineapples. If you wait for the plant to live …

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  • 12.02.20News

    Certified: Malaysian Good Agricultural Practices (myGAP)

    We are proudly certified with Good Agricultural Practices by the Ministry of Agriculture. This means that our farm and farming have passed rigorous health, hygiene, and environmental tests! 1. Low Pesticide levels – That’s easy, we use NONE. 2. Traceable operations3. Farmers with good hygiene4. Sustainable planting5. Daily washing of equipment6. Hygienic waste management7. No water …

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  • Farhana

    Cultiveat People: Farhana, QC Manager

    “The first time I saw Cultiveat veggies, I thought they were so beautiful, they looked like flowers. I used to work at a landscaping company, and maintained plants for malls and hotels. I didn’t know veggies could look as beautiful as those plants. I didn’t think I would become a farmer. As a kid, I …

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  • John-Hans Oei

    Cultiveat People: John-Hans Oei, CEO and Co-founder

    Meet John-Hans, our co-founder and CEO. It’s a glamorous title for a simple job description: everything also do. Teaching people about the importance of choosing foods that are good for you and the farmers, all while working with the urgency of climate change is an uphill battle. It means spending half the day in the …

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  • Cultiveat x EPIC

    Transforming the Communities with EPIC

    We’re excited to partner with EPIC, a multi-award winning social enterprise, to help transform communities with our veggies. Apart from last week’s huge giveaway at APW’s Quarter Market, we also allocated an additional 12,600 veggies to be distributed to over 15 NGOs across KL within this 2 weeks. The produce will feed marginalised communities around …

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  • Haziq

    Cultiveat People: Haziq, Our Youngest Farmer

    This is Haziq. At 18, he’s the youngest farmer at Cultiveat. We honour the land on which our farms are built, and the community who live around it. So we offer jobs to people like Haziq and his neighbours, so they can eat and earn right where they live. Plus, Cultiveat’s veggies are pesticide-free, so …

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