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Mother’s Day Kit

This Mother’s day, gift your mom with a much deserved day off. With this bundle, you can cook a hearty breakfast for her (and the family), write her a card, and invite her to relax as you “settle” the chores! This bundle feeds 2 – 4 people and contains:

  • 1 jar of Sourdough Pancake Mix (400g) by VCR 
  • 6 Free-Range Chicken Eggs by Eminence Five 
  • 2 jars of Honey (40g each) by Jungle House
  • 3 pieces of Hashbrowns by myBurgerLab
  • 4 heads of Lettuce Mix by Cultiveat
  • 1 box of Glow Cherry Tomatoes (250g) by Cultiveat
  • 3 cartridges of Microgreens by Cultiveat
and more:
  • 1 Recipe Sheet for an easy and delightful Big Breakfast
  • 4 Pamper-Your-Mom Coupons, to be redeemed from you and the family
  • 1 Greeting Card, to write your personalised message

Sourdough Pancake Mix: Fresh pancake mix, made with Hokkaido milk and sourdough starter.

Free-Range Chicken Eggs: Fresh-from-farm eggs; no antibiotics, hormones, and bacteria.

Honey: Fragrant honey sourced from local jungles.

Hashbrowns: Crispy and yummy hashbrowns.

Lettuce Mix: A random mixture of 4 lettuce heads.

Glow Cherry Tomatoes: Sweet and juicy cherry tomatoes.

Microgreens: A random selection of microgreens for restaurant-worthy presentation.

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