Grocery Bundle - Cultiveat

Grocery Bundle

Specially curated bundle with Cultiveat produce and other grocery essentials from quality, local makers. Mix and match the items in this bundle to whip up quick, yummy, and well-balanced meals! This Grocery Bundle includes:

  • 4 mix lettuce by Cultiveat
  • 1 box (600g) of Heart Tomatoes by Cultiveat
  • 1 Country Sourdough bread by Universal Bakehouse
  • 1 artisan cheese by Milky Whey Cheese
  • 10 free range chicken eggs by Eminence Five

Lettuce Mix: A random selection of 4 lettuce plants.

Heart Tomatoes: Vine-ripened, large-sized tomatoes with juicy flesh and a fragrance that lingers. 

Country Sourdough bread: Sourdough made from scratch for 48 hours with just flour, water, salt, and sourdough leaven. Crisp crust and light crumb.

Artisan cheese: Dry mozzarella, fresh mozzarella, halloumi cheese, or other varieties. No additives or artificial preservatives. Cheese selected based on availability.

Free range chicken eggs: Fresh-from-farm eggs, from free range chicken. No antibiotics, stimulants, hormones, and bacteria as certified by the Veterinary Research Institute. 

  • Preparation: Sandwich, omelette, baked cheese tomatoes, lasagne, and more
  • Delivery: Every Wednesday and Friday


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