Dinner Fur 2 - Cultiveat

Dinner Fur 2

Design homemade dinner dates with your beloved cat! Experience the quality produce in your cat’s food, made with the same varieties of Cultiveat veggies in this bundle. Serve your veggies and smoked duck with pasta, bread, and more, as your cat dines on her delicious chicken recipe made with 100% natural ingredients.

For you:

  • 1 head of Green Butterhead by Cultiveat
  • 1 head of Green Romaine by Cultiveat
  • 3 heads of Multicolour Spinach by Cultiveat
  • 600g Big Heart Tomatoes by Cultiveat
  • 200g Smoked Duck by Augustine Smokery

For your cat:

  • 2x 50g Air Dried Raw Chicken by PledgeCare

Green Butterhead & Green Romaine: Crisp lettuce leaves, great for salads, burgers, sandwiches, and more.

Multicolour Spinach: Tender leaves and stalks with mild sweetness. Suitable eaten cooked or raw.

Big Heart Tomatoes: Vine-ripened, large-sized tomatoes with juicy flesh and a fragrance that lingers.

Smoked Duck: Tender, savoury-sweet duck with a pleasant smokey flavour.

Air Dried Raw Chicken: Gently air-dried to retain the nutrition of its raw ingredients – chicken meat and parts, and Cultiveat’s Green Butterhead, Green Romaine, and Multicolour Spinach.

  • Serving suggestion: 2 – 3 meals for you, 2 meals (1 packet contains 1 meal) for your cat.
  • Delivery: You will receive your bundle(s) as soon as the day of order, or within 3 days of your order.


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