CNY Gift Set (Full Set) - Cultiveat

CNY Gift Set (Full Set)

A Fruitful Year 番番是福, by Cultiveat x Where’s Gut

Inspired by the upstanding tomato plant and its vivid colours, this gift set features traditional Chinese embroidery aesthetics and contemporary shapes that tell the story of Cultiveat’s premium-harvest tomatoes.

These limited-edition tomatoes are the perfect way to usher in 2021; symbols of a fruitful, prosperous year ahead. As the first harvest of the year, this batch was specially grown to be abundant to hold, a sight to behold, and absolutely delicious to bite into. This set contains:

  • 8x 200g Premium-Harvest Tomatoes
  • 1x set of Custom Playing Cards
  • 5x Tomato Origami Angpow Packets
  • 1x ‘Good Fortune’ Spring Couplet


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