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Bendera Putih Bundle

This bundle comprises 10 boxes of fresh mixed vegetables, to be distributed to underprivileged communities like B40 income earners, refugees, migrant workers, old folks, orphans, and people with disabilities. 

Each box contains 4 servings. Therefore, 10 boxes will make 40 meals or feed 40 people.

How does it work?
  1. For every purchase of RM10, Cultiveat will contribute 10 of these boxes to the following non-profit organisations: The Assembly Soup Kitchen and Refuge For The Refugees.
  2. These organisations will distribute these boxes, along with other grocery items and cooked meals to people in need.
  3. You may purchase any amount of bundles you like, and they will be delivered to these organisations accordingly.
How to purchase?
  1. Choose your quantity and click ‘Add to Cart’.
  2. You are required to key in your details as part of the regular checkout process, but the Bendera Putih Bundle(s) you purchase will be delivered according to arrangements with the non-profit organisations. Select a random delivery date during checkout.
  3. If you are purchasing other items (for yourself) besides this bundle, please include the full details of your delivery during checkout. Those items will be delivered to your selected address and date.
About our partner organisations:

The Assembly Soup Kitchen

A charitable organisation run by volunteers, TASK distributes meal boxes and care packages to disadvantaged and vulnerable groups like old folks, orphans, refugees, migrant workers, and B40 income earners.

Refuge For The Refugees

This non-profit organisation seeks to raise awareness regarding the plight of refugees in Malaysia via education and empowerment efforts. During the MCO, they receive numerous daily requests for food aid from marginalised communities.


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