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  • Food Of The Future

    How JOHN-HANS OEI and his latest venture CULTIVEAT are trying to change the age-old practice of farming, discovers Daniel Goh

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  • 城市农场季度市集首亮相


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  • Farm Revolution

    Farming startup Cultiveat is helping to solve the world’s problems on many levels – foremost of which is providing nutritious and affordable food by revolutionising farms and farming methods.

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  • The Future of Pesticide-free Farming

    Organic vegetables are gaining in popularity being linked to better health and lower levels of toxic pesticides. But do organically grown produce have less pesticide residue than non-organic foods?

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  • Cultivating Better Farms With Cultiveat

    It’s World Food Day! So this week, we’re raising awareness on the issues of food security and farming in a Malaysian context. And we’re doing it through John-Hans…

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  • Tanaman Bebas Racun

    Berpendapat bahawa sayur yang ditanam secara tradisional mengurangkan nutrisi sedia ada, seorang pemuda mengambil inisiatif, untuk menanam sayur dalam rumah hijau.

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