Malaysia's 1st Sustainable Vertical Farm. No-Pesticide Veggies | Cultiveat
Safe food for all

Cultiveat uses precision farming technology to meet growing demands for produce that are good:

For You

No harmful pesticides,
chemicals, and additives.

For Farmers

No contact with cancer-causing
pesticides; no back-breaking labour.

For the Environment

sustainable agriculture.


Having dipped our hands into the soils of traditional farming, we learnt the harsh realities of the industry.

Unpredictable weather, environmental damage, poor bottom-line for farmers, and food with harmful additives cannot be the status quo.

So reimagined farming.

Driven by technology-enabled measures and a relentless emphasis on sustainability, we came up with a new bottom-line:

Safe food for all.

Our Pledge

Food that’s good in
every way, for everyone

Our mission is to make safe, nutritious, and delicious food affordable and accessible.

See right through us

We practice transparent and traceable farming because it’s important to us that you know where your food comes from.

Just as nature gives,
we give back

Our precision farming methods minimise land degradation, wastage, and carbon emissions.

You cultivate, you eat

We provide fair land compensation and jobs to the marginalised communities who live  nearby our farms.

Our Pledge
Safe food is not rocket science.
It’s commitment.
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