FAQ - Cultiveat
Who is Cultiveat?

We are urban farmers growing zero-pesticide, non-GMO produce using sustainable and eco-friendly methods. Our technology-enabled farms allow us to grow tasty and nutritious produce all year round.

How is Cultiveat sustainable / eco-friendly / zero waste?

Since our vegetables are grown vertically, we grow up to 10 times more produce on the same land footprint. This means no deforestation, soil contamination, and soil nutrient depletion. Furthermore, the cartridges are biodegradable while the trays can be used indefinitely.Besides that, everything we use to grow the plant (nutrients and water) are calculated to be just enough for optimal plant growth. So we save 90% water and nutrients compared to traditional farming.Other eco-friendly measures include delivering live produce in their trays, so we don’t use refrigerated trucks which have high carbon emissions.

Can I join Cultiveat?

We’re always on the lookout for talents who share our vision and passion. Send in your CV to hello@cultiveat.co to get in touch!

I am a business owner looking to buy your produce. How do I do this?

Please send us an email at hello@cultiveat.co to enquire.

What variety of vegetables do you sell?

We currently sell a variety of leafy vegetables. However, we’ll be introducing more varieties including herbs and tomatoes soon!

Where do I buy your vegetables?

You can buy fresh vegetables here!

Are Cultiveat vegetables organic?

Organic certification requires plants to be grown in soil. Our produce, on the other hand, are grown in individual cartridges and are as pure and fresh as they get! Non-GMO and no pesticides, chemicals, or additives; just healthy and strong vegetables with maximum flavour!

Are the vegetables healthier/better than regular vegetables?
Our veggies grow in ideal conditions indoors, away from pests and with zero risk of soil contamination which traditionally farmed produce are susceptible to. They are also non-GMO and grown with zero pesticides, chemicals, and additives.
Our vegetables also receive precise amounts of sunlight, water, and organic nutrients to grow up strong and healthy!
How long can I keep the vegetables for?
Our veggies come straight to you from the farm, so all the shelf life is with you! Keep them in the cartridge, in the fridge to enjoy maximum flavour and freshness.
How do I remove the vegetable from the cartridge?
Just cut the leaves as close to the cartridge to harvest them when you’re ready to eat. By keeping the produce in the cartridge, you are keeping it alive and fresh.
Can I continue to grow this vegetable at home?
No, our veggies are delivered at their prime size and stage of growth, so they’re not meant to continue growing.
Can I buy your cartridge and grow the vegetable at home?
Sorry, we don’t sell our cartridges.
Will your online stores deliver to outstation addresses?
Currently, we only deliver to the Klang Valley. In the future, we hope to service addresses nationwide!
Where is the Cultiveat farm?

Our farm is in Klang and we’re in the midst of expanding to other locations.

Do you use hydroponics/ aquaponics technology?

No, hydroponics/aquaponics refers to a watering technique that we do not employ.
Cultiveat uses a proprietary watering system which channels the precise amount of water needed by each plant. This means vegetables grow up to be the best version of themselves!

Where are your seeds from?

Our seeds are carefully selected from premium-grade suppliers. They are non-GMO, first-generation seeds.

Can I visit the farm?
The farms are currently not open to the public, but we plan to organise tours in the near future. Sign up to our newsletter and stay tuned to our Instagram and Facebook (@cultiveat) for the latest news 😉
Got other burning questions?

Corn-tact us.

Email us at hello@cultiveat.co or leave us a message here.

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