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  • 20.11.20Stories

    To Our Heroes at Balai Bomba dan Penyelamat Kapar

    In February, a massive fire broke out at the factory just across our farm. Thick, dark smoke filled the sky, and angry flames licked the air in the matter of minutes. The local fire department sent their firefighters as soon as they could. The community scrambled to lend a helping hand: Some directed traffic for …

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  • 29.08.20Stories

    Teatime With Special Needs Children at Tasputra Perkim

    It’s teatime. Serenade and mom, Elahe prepare a vibrant platter for the children. They sneak in veggies, nuts, and fruits wherever they can. The children, ages 2 and up spend their days at Tasputra Perkim doing physiotherapy and occupational therapy, besides aquatherapy and hippotherapy (purposeful swimming and horseriding lessons), and more. These children are special, …

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  • 14.08.20Stories

    Featured Eatery: If Only

    “Which is your favourite dish on the menu?” Jean (not pictured), co-founder, and officer of “all things pretty” doesn’t hesitate, “my grandma’s mee hun kueh”. If Only’s kitchen team recreated the beloved recipe with chicken mince. It now has all of the depth of flavour and warmth of nostalgia, but none of the pork. Jean’s …

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  • 27.06.20Stories

    Featured Eatery: Fin

    “When you feed someone, they’re putting their trust into you that the food will nourish them. You’re contributing to someone’s wellness and how they feel. It’s one of the few businesses that can affect someone’s life”. That’s Michelle, the creative head and hands behind Fin, a wholesome food joint in Publika. What started off 5 …

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  • 10.05.20Stories

    Featured Eatery: Uokatsu

    “I have a lot of guilt. I worry about not spending enough time with my kids. Last year I told my eldest who’s turning 7 that we’ll be renovating for 2 weeks this year. She’ll have our time, she can do anything she wants. She told me that she wanted to spend the day at …

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  • 01.05.20Stories

    Featured Eatery: Grub

    Before Ahong was the candid chef and restaurateur behind Grub, he was an architect. He quit after 2 years because life in the rat race was draining. He didn’t know then that it would eventually lead him to life in the….beef lane. The idea started small, unlike his serving portions. A little food kiosk at …

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  • Share The Meal Campaign

    Sharing Meals With 500 Quarantined Foreign Workers

    Early April, the government imposed an enhanced Movement Control Order on the Selangor Mansion and Malayan Mansion flats after 15 people from the same building were diagnosed with COVID-19. Most of the residents of these flats are foreigners. With the order, the police, Armed Forces, Civil Defence Force and RELA guard the area so that …

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  • 06.04.20Stories

    Emergency Contribution for the OKU Community

    We got a call this morning from Ras, founder of OKU Sentral, an organisation that assists and empowers people with disabilities. She asked if we could spare some produce immediately. Before the RMO, OKU Sentral received food supplies and monetary donations from individuals and organisations. Raw ingredients are then distributed to single mothers and food …

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